Tuesday, October 11, 2022

"Don't F*** in the Woods 2" Review by Anthony T

There have been a lot of horror films coming out this month. You have the major horror films like "Terrifier 2". "Hellraiser" and "Halloween Ends" that I've been looking forward to . There are some very underground horror films that I've been looking to see that come out this month including "The Barn Part 2", "10/31 Part 3" and this one "Don't F*** in the Woods 2". That's right, "Don't F*** in the Woods 2".

The film picks up after the events of the first film where the sole survivor stumbles upon a camp where a group of camp counselors are partying before opening of the camp season. Soon the parasitic monster follows the girl there and forces the camp counselors to her fight this monster who is attracted to sex.

The film stars Brittany Blanton, Cheyenne Gordon, Julie Anne Prescott, Kaylee Williams, Mark Justice, and Jason Crowe.

I had a very good deal of expectation with this film ever since discovering the first film through various websites and really loving that film. Sadly I didn't love the film, I thought it was a f***ing intense blast from start to finish and this does a great job expanding from the first film.

What makes this film very good was the direction of Shawn Burrett. I liked the fact that this film had the same debauchery tone from the first film while adding some tension in the action department. It kept the film moving very well as I was into the gory effects as they were more gorier than the first film and liked the story better than the first film. Both of those elements that were approved upon from the first film. The other thing that I liked was the fact that Burrett does a very good job making sure he directs his cast to the point that they have chemistry with each other. I liked how he made sure that each of the cast was into the script and the way that he directed their performances as the characters come off as fun and not annoying as this film mostly relies on the new cast for mostly half of it.

The screenplay written by Burkett and co-star Cheyenne Gordon does a great job making sure that if you loved the first film, you'll love the second film. One of the things that makes it very good is the way that it doesn't rush its way to the action. I liked how the writers spent the first half of the film developing the new characters. Most horror sequels, you'll get to the main action in the first ten or fifteen minutes of the film without any build. This film builds to the main action as it also spends a good amount of time introducing the new characters and building tension. It made this film entertaining and gave the action time to breathe. The other thing that I liked about this was it keeps in line with the story of the first film. This film takes place after the events of the first film where some sequels taking place after the first film don't stay from the original story of the first film. I liked the fact that it stays that course very well as this does a very good job diving more into the creature of the first film while also keeping the fun that the first film had. It made this film very fun and entertaining that I wanted to see more after it ended.

Is it necessary that you need to check out "Don't F*** in the Woods" before seeing this film? Yes, as that film lays a foundation for this film and would make sense of a lot of things. If not, they briefly recap the first film which is good for those who haven't seen the film. "Don't F*** in the Woods 2" is better than its predecessor as it's filled with twice the bloody action and intensity that makes this film so much fun.

"Don't F*** in the Woods 2" is available on VOD.

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