Thursday, November 10, 2022

"I'm Totally Fine" Review by Anthony T

Anthony T, I'm back with another review here as I move away from the horror genre and review indie comedy "I'm Totally Fine".

The film is about a woman (Jillian Bell) who is grieving the loss of her best friend. She decides to take a trip  to get away from the problems that have been plaguing her. Her vacation plans get derailed when her dead best friend (Natalie Morales) comes back as an alien has taken over her dead body and wants to study her.  Soon, her vacation becomes out of this world as they begin to form a bond with the alien in this dark comedy.

Sometimes a trailer catches your attention that you want to see this film. When seeing the trailer for "I'm Totally Fine". it was one of those films that caught my attention as I had a feeling that this was going to be one of those that I would like. Thankfully, I was right on that assumption.

One of the reasons why this was very good was the directing. Director Brandon Dermer does a very good job making sure that he makes the film moves at a very good pace. He does a very good job in the way that he handles each of the film's scenes as they never had a sense that they were dragging whether it's in the way he directs the two actresses or the way he approached it. It made the running time move by.. The other thing that I liked about Dermer's directing was that he was able to direct his main actresses Jillian Bell and Natalie Morales. He does a great job making sure that both actresses had very good chemistry with each other as almost all of this film is centered around those two actresses in one location. It made their performances very good as I was into each of their characters. 

The other reason why this movie succeeds is the screenplay written by Alisha Ketry. What makes Ketry's screenplay good was it does a couple of things. First, the screenplay does a very good job balancing out all the comedy and dramatic aspects. This is one of those films that deals with the loss of someone close while also trying to be a comedy and sci-fi film at the same time. The film does a good job walking that fine line as it didn't get over the top one way or the other plus the humor in this film was very good. The other thing that makes this good was the fact that the film does a very good job focusing on the two main characters throughout the whole film. Ketry does a very good job making sure that the characters are developed. It made the two main characters interesting as it focused on their strange relationship as if that element didn't work then the screenplay would have suffered. Thankfully, it didn't as the dynamic between the two main characters is one of the best things in the film.

This is one of those comedies that people should go out of their way to check as this does a great job balancing elements of drama and comedy. "I'm Totally Fine" is worth checking out as this has very good humor and very good direction.

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