Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Complete List of Official Winners from the 2013 Fright Meter Awards

The 2013 Fright Meter Awards were held this past weekend in Pensacola, FL. Here's the complete list of winners from the awards ceremony.

Best Horror Film: The Conjuring

Best Director: James Wan - The Conjuring

Best Actor: Elijha Wood - Maniac

Best Actress: Katherine Isabelle - American Mary

Best Supporting Actor - Rhys Wakefield - The Purge

Best Supporting Actress - Lili Taylor - The Conjuring

Best Ensemble Cast - The Conjuring

Best Screenplay - American Mary

Best Makeup - Evil Dead

Best Score - The Lords of Salem

Best Editing - Maniac

Best Cinematography - The Conjuring

Best Short Horror Film - The Captured Bird

Best Makeup - Evil Dead

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