Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Horrorpalooza 2014: "Found" Review - Written by Anthony T

“Found” is a horror film that has a lot of hype and controversy going for it. When I first heard about this, I was very interested because of all the reviews and awards that this film received during its film festival run.

The film follows an average fifth grader who doesn’t cause much trouble where ever he goes. But soon, his live changes as darkness begins to fall over him. The kids at school pick on him and his parents don’t understand what he’s going through. But it’s nothing compared to the dark secret that his brother has. He now has to grapple with the fact that the only person who understands him is a monstrous serial killer. This leads him down the road to unspeakable horrors.

It’s been a while since a film gave made me feel very shocked at what I was seeing. The last time that I felt this way was back in March of 2012 when I reviewed the film “A Serbian Film”. That film at that time was the most disturbing and shocking film that I’ve even seen. “Found” has replaced that as the most disturbing film ever, as this was very shocking from start to finish.

Most of that had to do with the directing from Scott Schirmer. One of the things that I liked about it was that he’s able to establish a dark and gloomy tone with his direction. Whether it’s the way that he had this film shot to how approaches his screenplay, everything came off as very dark and disturbing like. It helped made some of the film’s shocking scenes look good, as I was terrified with the action that was going on. The other thing that Schirmer does very well is to make sure his lead performances fit the film’s shocking tone especially with the narration during the course of the film. It helped added to the film’s shocking screenplay.

Speaking of the lead performances. Both Gavin Brown and Ethan Philbeck were great in this film. One of things that I liked about their performances was that everything felt mature like. The film has a lot of very dark scenes and both of the actors did a great job being serious to their characters and their performances in the film. It is tough for young actors especially their ages to make their performances feel serious in a horror film setting. I really hope both of them get more roles in the future.

The screenplay written by Schirmer and Todd Rigney did a very good job with the film’s screenplay. One of the things that makes this screenplay very good was the film’s tone. Both of them did a very good job making sure the film’s tone was very dark and disturbing. From the film’s dialogue to some of the film’s dark scenes, everything made me feel very disturbed at what I was watching. When that happens, you’re keeping the viewing feeling shocked at the actions of the characters. The other thing that I liked about their screenplay was the way that the film’s main character is developing during the course of this. They take their time in making sure the character and the characters around him are developed. It made the main character very interesting throughout the course of the film and keeps you interested with the film’s story.

If the producers of “The ABC’s of Death are looking for directors for the next entry in their series, they strongly should consider Scott Schirmer to be one of those directors. His direction would fit right in. From its great lead acting to the film’s screenplay, “Found” is the most disturbing and shocking film that you’ll see this year.

Review Rating: Five Stars

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