Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"A Measure of the Sin" Review - Written by Anthony T

“A Measure of the Sin” is one of those rare films that was shot in 16mm. The film has played at many horror film festivals including Eerie Horror Film Festival, Pollygrind Film Festival and the New York Independent Film Festival to name a few. What drew me to this film was the reviews regarding this.

The film’s about a troubled woman who is living alone after the death of her mother. She soon becomes desperate, as she realizes that she must find someone to take her in. But a sinister man want to control her entire existence. As everything becomes burred and terrifying for her, she must find a way to escape from the sinister man and this nightmare that she’s been living in, but she fears about her own survival.

“A Measure of the Sin is one of those films that it is not for everyone. This comes off is a different type of film than the average film that you would expect to see. With that said, I thought this was a very good film that kept my interest for most of it.

One of the reasons that makes this film work was its director. Co-writer and director Jeff Wedding does a very good job in creating something that hasn’t been seen in a while. The look of the film has this gritty and dark feel to it. Wedding does a very good job catching the images through his 16mm camera. It helped give the film its unique look that you don’t see in many films of this kind. The other thing that he does well is to get a very good performance from his lead actress Kathy Groshong. Her performance was very good. This was essential to the film’s success because this is one of those films where you need the lead performance to work or else its going downhill fast.

The screenplay written by Wedding and Kristy Nielsen was good. One of things that makes this screenplay good was how the writers focused on the film’s main character and her state of mind. It helped develop the character during the course of the film as she’s trying to find a way out of her own nightmare. This helped me become interested in this character considering this film is taking place from her point of view. The other thing that makes it good was the use of narration for most of the film. The narration is very effective from start to finish. The writers did a very good job making sure that it keeps you interested in the character. It also helps this film have this dark and grindhouse feel to it. This story felt like a Nick Phillip’s film from the grindhouse era in the way that the narration takes over. It helped made the main character more interesting as there’s isn’t much dialogue between characters in this film. “A Measure of the Sin” isn’t a film for everyone who is used to the Hollywood formula. But if you’re into independent experimental films like this, then you’re appreciate this film for what it is.

Review Rating: Four Stars.

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