Monday, November 17, 2014

Official Stills for the Rock Opera "The Lives of Hamilton Fish"

Pony Oink Productions recently sent us stills for their rock opera film "The Lives of Hamilton Fish". "The film recently won Best Picture last month at the New England Underground Film festival. The film is directed by Rachel Mason and stars Theodore Bouloukos, Bill Weeden, Mason and Sarah Baskin.

No release plans as of post. Check out the film's official website for the latest news and upcoming screenings of the film at: or its official Facebook page for the latest information.

Plot Synopsis:

Set in the 1930's, a newspaper editor discovers a coincidence which he prints on the front page of his paper, The Evening Star. The deaths of two famous men who happen to share a single name. Hamilton Fish. One is a serial killer, the other a statesman. From the moment of his discovery, the Editor imagines how their lives, which could not have been more different, become entangled. The Editor reaches into a metaphysical dimension in order to comprehend these coincidental deaths. The story unfolds in dreamlike vignettes where the dead come to life and reveal themselves entirely through songs.

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