Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Cuddle: A Documentary" Review - Written by Tim Hellman

'CUDDLE: A DOCUMENTARY': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A documentary about the 'cuddling movement' and how it's struggling to be accepted by modern society; a society of people that are more and more driven by internet relationships, and cell phone communication, and less and less interested in touch and closeness. It was directed, produced, written, filmed and edited by Jason O'Brien and takes place around the country; in places like Birmingham, AL, Madison, WI, Boulder, CO, New York and San Francisco. It's 67 minutes long but feels a lot longer. I appreciate the message of the movie as well as the educational information, it has to offer, but I definitely couldn't get comfortable watching it.

The film focuses on how cuddling is becoming more and more incorporated into life, by some people, as a basic necessity and profitable business. The filmmakers traveled around the country to study 'cuddle parties', 'cuddle therapy' and 'snuggle houses'. We get to meet professional cuddlers who make house visits and (some) also own their own businesses (they operate out of). It's a pretty informative documentary but also really slow paced and a little too intimate, at times.

Like I said, it's hard to argue with the good intentions and positive information provided in this movie. With that said it's also excruciatingly slow and hard to watch at times. For me some cuddling moments were way too awkward and kind of creepy. I definitely couldn't picture myself ever being able to do a lot of the things, that people do, in this movie but the cuddling methods shown still could be a really good and helpful 'therapy' for a lot of others. Besides my own personal reasons, for not enjoying the film, it's also just not very well made. Some scenes go on for way too long and it just seems like O'Brien has a lot of room for improvement, with his editing skills. It is a positive movie though and definitely one worth watching, for some.

'CUDDLE: A DOCUMENTARY' – A 'MOVIE TALK' Review; a documentary about the 'cuddling movement' and how it's struggling to be accepted by modern society. With guest critic Ed Melvin:

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