Monday, December 1, 2014

"The Scribbler" Review - Written by Abraham Phillips

The Scribbler (2014)

Plot: A young woman is facing her destructive multiple personalities using an experimental new procedure known as "The Siamese Burn."

My Review and Thoughts:

This isn't your grandfather’s comic book movie. This is an in-your-face smack dab, violent, truly memorable and most of all very original.

This is an interesting and odd science fiction dark superhero style movie. Really loved the overall picture and imagination in creating a new memorable character. It brings the Comic Novel to life in wonderful ways. Daniel Schaffer wrote the Graphic Novel and the movie which comes full force on screen to showcase an ass kicking action packed and sexy good time.

I noticed there have been a lot of negative reviews and I don't see what peoples problem is with this movie. I think if you go into this one with a wonderful imagination and love for adult style super hero action films then I feel it works. I think it's an action adventure with a reality based feel to it. A wonderful popcorn flick. Very dark and twisted at times. I think it has spectacular special-effects. It has some magical imaginative moments that shine in perfect Grimm fairy tale reality or better yet Comic book, whoops sorry, Graphic Novel style action and storytelling.

The acting is great and the overall direction comes together in a way to be remembered. The movie is able to construct its character, the situation and then a conclusion and so that is why it's works in my view. I thought it was very entertaining. It held my interest to the end. Gave me great action and a thick story. Loved the characters. If you like Comic films like Sin City, The Watchmen, Kick Ass, then I feel you'll like this one or at least I did. It's a grownup super hero movie, but calling it a super hero movie is a detriment to it. It's a film with sophistication, logic and a down-to-earth reality feel with massive action and tons of nudity and so what more could you want.

Don’t get me wrong the movie has its problems and its many flaws but if we are to pick out flaws in films then all movies have something wrong with them in one way or another. I liked this movie and felt it came together and displayed what it needed to do to grab the viewer and send them on a very odd and different and twisty roller coaster of a story.

An awesome strong cast. Starring some wonderful performers such as Billy Campbell, Michael Imperioli, Michelle Trachtenberg. Starring the stunningly beautiful Katie Cassidy as your lead character Suki. Katie does a spectacular job owning the part and is able to grab ahold of the viewer and never let them go.

This is a film that many will not like but there are the diehard lovers of Graphic Novels and there depiction into a film format that will love it. This one is quite shocking in that it sticks to the graphic novel and gives you all the wonderful Graphic Novel action and images flowing off the pages on the screen and sends its ultimate originality into the viewers mind, watching.

Great direction, awesome story, brilliant no holds bar action, sexiness and truly interesting and cool special effects. A Rated R, Adult Comic Book ass kicking action film that leaves the viewer with wanting to return to it again. Loved it, simply put, a must see popcorn film in my book.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

Review by Abraham Phillips

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