Thursday, January 15, 2015

Anthony T's #TBT: “[REC] 3: Genesis"

Welcome to another edition of Anthony T’s #TBT. It’s been gone for a couple of weeks but its back. The final chapter in the [REC] series is “[REC] 4: Apocalypse” was recently was recently released in theaters and VOD. With that happening, I’ve decide revisit my review portion of my “[REC] 3: Genesis” review.

Repost from 11/11/12 DVD with minor changes

When I heard that there were plans for “[REC] 3: Genesis" and “[REC] 4: Apocalypse” were announced, I was so excited for this until I heard that this film was going to break from the format of the first two films. Maybe it was the fact that I’m use to watching each “[REC]” film use the found footage format. Nevertheless, I still was curious about “[REC] 3 Genesis”.

The film is about Clara and Diego (Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin), a newly married couple who are celebrating their first day of marriage. With wedding video photographers, they capture their first moments as husband and wife. Soon the wedding reception turns this joyous occasion into a living nightmare, as a virus starts to infect the reception guests and transforming them into horrific zombies. This forces the couple to into a horrific fight for their lives, as they are separated from each other. Will they find each other and make it out of this horrific ordeal.

One of my fears going into this film was that this was going to be a letdown considering what I heard about it. The fact that this wasn’t going to be a complete found footage like the other two films had me a little skeptical about the film. It also didn’t help that I noticed on the IMDB boards that fans were not happy with the screenplay or the film in general. Well, I disagree with them, as this was different and more intense than the other two “[REC]” films.

Most of that was Paco Plaza’s direction. One of the things that I liked about it, he does a very good job with the transition of formats. It was a little awkward seeing a [REC] film use the traditional method of direction and storytelling but it still worked. I liked, the way that he uses the found footage format to set up the characters and the story. It makes all the wedding aspects work, as you become interested in the couple. Plaza also does a very good job switching to tradition formats for the film’s intense action sequences. It made the action sequences work a whole lot better. He also does a very good job with the way that he directs his cast. I thought, the performances were very good. Both Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin both did a very good job as Clara and Koldo. The two had very good chemistry as the newlywed couple, as it made the characters and the dynamic of their relationship work. If the performances didn’t work, then it wouldn’t be as good.

The screenplay written by Plaza and co-writer Luiso Berdejo does a very good job trying to take the franchise in a totally different direction. The screenplay does a very good job focusing on the characters and developing the relationship between the newlyweds. It made you interested in the couple, as they are trying to escape. The writers also did a very good job with more creating more intense sequences. This film and story felt like there was more intensity and more bloody images than the previous entries. It works in the screenwriters favor, because it picks up the pace of the film and you’re invested with what is going on. That’s what makes the film entertaining and makes you forget that you’re expecting a found footage film.

“[REC] 3: Genesis” is by far the most intense and bloodiest entry in the series. It’s different from the first two films, but it’s the most action packed film in the series with good lead performances from Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin and very directing from Paco Plaza.

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