Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Rabid Grannies" are Rabid for its Blu-Ray Debut

Troma Entertainment recently released information for the upcoming Blu-Ray/ DVD combo pack of the 1987 Troma film "Rabid Grannies". The film will be making its Blu-Ray.

Special feature on the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack includes Includes 2 cuts of the movie - Rabid Grannies and Rabid Grannies The Producer's Cut, Deleted scenes, Interview with the producer, What the hell happened to you? and Tromatic trailers.

"Rabid Grannies" hits retail on 3/10.

Plot Synopsis:

Grannies are the greatest. They bake pies, tell stories and take you to the zoo. They don't ask for an arm and a leg in return. THEY WANT YOUR WHOLE BODY! It's off to grandmother's house we go for Rabid Grannies, the blood-splattered tale of two little old ladies who open a surprise package from Hell. Out slithers a mysterious fog that turns the grannies into ghouls who can't wait to sink their dentures into human flesh. Luckily for them, they have a houseful of juicy guests. Unluckily for their guests, these bone-crunching battle-axes just can't get filled up. RABID GRANNIES -- these biddies bite!

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