Thursday, March 19, 2015

"The Pet" Review - Written by Anthony T

“The Pet” is a film that was originally released back in 2006. With the most recently release of “50 Shades of Grey”, Breaking Glass Pictures recently released a director’s cut of the film.

The film is about a woman is going through some tough times in her life. One day, she meets an aristocratic benefactor. Their relationship develops as she moves in with him. The woman becomes his human pet and lives in cage for money that she desperately needs to survive. What she doesn’t realize that he has a desire to showcase her in front of all his friends and find out what she is worth as a sex slave.

I was really hoping something along the lines of “50 Shades of Grey” going into this film. Sadly, what I got here was a good acted film and a screenplay that collapses in the second half.

D Stevens’ direction was good. One of things that I liked about it was the way the film looked. He and his director of photography did a very good job making sure the images were clear enough that it has its distinct quality. It made some of the scenes especially in the first half look very good. The other thing that Stevens does very well is to make sure that both Pierre Du Lat and Andrea Edmondson had good chemistry with each other. It made some of the scenes entertaining as I was interested in that relationship and dynamic between the two. Sadly, this film goes off course in the second half and there wasn’t much of that to save it from becoming a disaster.

Stevens’ screenplay was for the most part was felt like a tale of two films. The first half of the screenplay was good. I liked how there was good development between the main characters in the first half of the film. Stevens does a good job setting up the relationship between the main characters and focusing on it in the first half. It made me interested in the film for a time and was heading toward a decent film.

But there are major things that went wrong in the second half that makes me not recommend this film at all. They’re both serious issues, as that ruined my enjoyment of this film. I didn’t like the fact that there were too many scene that just lagged in substance and went on too long without nothing happening. I was waiting for things to happen for the tension to get going. Sadly, there were none of that here. The other thing that I hated about this screenplay was its ending. Without going into details, it generated a reaction of anger that I don’t usually get when watching films. This didn’t make any sense with what this film was supposed to be. It ruined it for me. This was the first time that I’ve been so angered with an ending to a film since watching an indie film called “Rocket Science” back in 2007. I know that this film is supposed to be based on actual events allegedly but this made this film completely dark and ruined what it was going for. If I had known what story this is based on beforehand than maybe I’m being too judgmental on the ending. That isn’t being made clear here, so I have to go with what I saw.

I hoping that “The Pet” would be an entertaining erotic drama. But what I got was a screenplay that went downhill and an ending that left me in anger after watching this film.

Review Rating: Two Stars

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