Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"These Final Hours" Review - Written by Abraham Phillips

These Final Hours 2013

This is a thriller mixed around the emotional reality of a drama. Your main character James who is trying to live his last day, at a party, but ends up running into a girl, kidnapped and about to be raped, by two men. You see there is only 12 hours left until the end. A meteor has hit earth. A massive global fire is spreading across the world and will hit Australia in 12 hours. James wants to live his hours partying, but everything changes as this young man, mainly self-obsessed, comes in contact with his emotional side and slowly, the girl becomes his redemption. This is a film that is beautifully acted. Nathan Phillips does an amazing job as James. Nathan Phillips is a stunning and extraordinary actor that I have been following and his career since 1999, playing in the TV series Neighbours, that kind of sounds like I am stalker. In reality, it is his acting that sticks with me. He makes you remember his performances. He has such a unique persona, in his vast array of characters and acting experience. From TV to feature films, he owns his parts and is able to build on the atmosphere of the plots taking place. I loved him as the character of James in These Final Hours. He gave the part depth and the coming ordeal. Something I absolutely loved Nathan Phillips in was the short lived character of Jack Dobbs in the awesome, American version of the series, The Bridge. Like all his parts, he breathes life into the character of James.

Now to be honest going into this I had the mindset as follows: Like zombie films, something that is overdone, over created and displayed annoyingly, is the end of the world plot and scenarios. Going into this, it already had one strike against it, because the end of the world in a feature film, has been overdone countless times. Interestingly, I found myself with my foot in my mouth, and enjoying this film greatly. I ended up experiencing something different, something unique, and it has an originality. I didn't know what to think at first, because like I said, I went into it thinking, oh here we go again, another end of the world film, but, what this one does, is actually ads, stunning performances, alongside a believable plot, that plays with the viewer. The film gives a setting of adrenaline and also the ultimate conclusion of what is taking place. It kind of lets you experience an intense ordeal. That intensity is mixed with an emotional baggage, that you the viewer takes a hold of, as it allows you to become a part of the film.

This is written and directed by Zak Hilditch. Hilditch took a tired, un-original plot and gave life back to it. He was able to hold your attention and make you become a part of the horror, and dread, and tension taking place. He was able to get away from the idea of, “it’s already been done”, mentality, and add a little freshness, to the tired reality, of the end of the world plot.

Now what really needs to be said is the acting, by new comer, and I am utterly floored at the brilliance of this young actress, Angourie Rice. Rice plays the part of Rose, the little girl James saves, and she is mind blowing. What perfection in her part. This is her first feature length film. I cannot express enough about her part. She literally comes to life and creates realism through an emotional plight that sticks deep within you, as you watch.

This unique and amazing film was selected to play at the, 2014’s Cannes Film Festival. It’s a film I highly recommend. Different and unique and emotionally fresh. These Final Hours is able to breathe life into a plot that’s been dead for years. These Final Hours is flawlessly acted, tight direction, emotionally charged viewing experience. Loved this movie, loved this Blu-ray.

These Final Hours is truly a believable, emotional drama that the viewer, can’t help but feel.

Audio and video where amazing. Great High Definition. Vibrant colors and perfect ear candy in sound.

I highly recommend this feature. Also a wonderful Blu-ray to experience it on. I was thoroughly entertained.

Review by: Abraham Phillips

Film: 4.5/5

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