Saturday, May 9, 2015

Italian Rock Horror Opera "Extreme Jukebox" set to Rock Out On Blu-Ray

Troma Entertainment recently released information for their upcoming  Blu-Ray release of the Italian rock horror opera "Extreme Jukebox". The film stars Alessio Cherubini, Elisabetta Loi, Guglielmo Favilla, Maurizio Lastrico and Pino Scotto

Special features on the Blu-Ray include Behind the Scenes documentary, Trailer. Rainbow Projects, Slide show and Troma Trailers.

"Extreme Jukebox" hits retail on June 9th.

Plot Synopsis:

Welcome to Nova Springs, a rock and roll metropolis chock-full of rising stars. Here you'll meet Jessie Cake, a charismatic glam metal frontman and his groupie girlfriend, Chloe. After unearthing a mysterious LP in the abandoned estate of legendary 80s superstar David Crystal, these young lovers unleash a bloodthirsty spirit...the infamous Killer of the Woods. Even worse is the flesh-and-blood maniac Naughty Rocky Boy, the skulking back-alley killer whose weapon of choice is a musical instrument! As the bodies pile up in Nova Springs, it's up to Jessie, Chloe, and rock'n'roll priest Father Zappa (Italian heavy-metal pioneer Pino Scotto) to set things right. It's LORDS OF SALEM by way of ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, with a side of spaghetti!

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