Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sion Sono's Futuristic Action Film "Tokyo Tribe" Blasts its Way to DVD & Blu-Ray

XLrator Media recently released information for the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release of Sion Sono's "Tokyo Tribe". The film stars Ryohei Suzuki and Young Dais.

No special features were announced.

"Tokyo Tribe" hits retail on December 1st.

Plot Synopsis

In a futuristic Japan, territorial street gangs form opposing factions collectively known as the Tokyo Tribes. When one of the gang leaders breaks the fragile peace, it triggers a brutal street war for supremacy. Based on a popular Manga series and told almost entirely in rap verse, TOKYO TRIBE is an ingenious mash-up of Yakuza gang violence, martial arts action and hip-hop musical.

"Tokyo Tribe": Official Trailer

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