Sunday, July 10, 2016's Coverage of Fantasia 2016

In the past, has covered the Fantasia International Film Festival which runs from July 14th - August 3rd in Montreal, Canada. It's one of the world's best multi-genre film festival in the world where some the latest buzz worthy and major studio genre films have made its premiere. After a hiatus, our coverage on the festival is back. This time, it'll span over two sites as Anthony T's Horror Chamber will also have coverage highlighting some of the obscure/short horror/sci-fi films playing at the festival.

There are three ways you can follows our coverage.

First, you can follow it through the Twitter page at We'll also be retweeting whatever stories and reviews that happen on Anthony T's Horror Chamber

Second, through the social media hashtag #Fantasia16 on Twitter and Facebook

Third, on the site under Fantasia 16 list on the left hand side.

I hope you enjoy our coverage and thank you for taking your time to visit

For more information on the film festival itself, you can goto:

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