Friday, September 9, 2016

"Halloween Party" Review by Anthony T

Something that you might not know about me is that I love the Halloween season. I’m big into the Halloween series of films, I love candy plus I like dress up in costume once in a while on this fun occasion. When I came across the film “Halloween Party”, my first thought was it was another horror themed Halloween film. But when I started to look at the stills and the film’s poster, I knew this was a comedy and not a horror film. Still, I wanted to check this film out because it’s one of my favorite unofficial holidays with Super Bowl Sunday being the other.

The film is about Erin, a shy woman who is trying to love on Halloween. She is invited to a crazy swingers party. The costumes are even crazier than the party as there’s a prowling pirate, a very hot nurse, dueling stripers and a half naked Sarah Pailn. The only person that Erin is remotely interested in is a man who hasn’t taken a shower in a while. Can Erin find true love at the party or get up in the crazy and kinky things that are happening at this party. Going into this film, I knew off hand that this was one of those films where I was either going to have fun with it or be turned off very easily. I was very surprised that I enjoyed this film very much as this was eighty-four minutes of fun.

One of the reasons that makes this film good was the fact that it had good direction from writer/director Linda Palmer. What I liked about it was that she was able to keep the flow of the film moving through her approach. Whether it’s the various camera techniques that is used for the filmmaking of this to how everything moved at a good pace, it helps keep your interested in the characters and story while having a good time. The other thing that I liked was the performances. Palmer does a very good job making sure the performances are entertaining enough to make the humor work in the screenplay. The reason that it worked was she was able to get the cast to have good chemistry with each other onscreen. This allowed the humor to work as I liked the characters a lot. It made the film fun and entertaining.

The screenplay written by Palmer and Laree Griffith was funny and entertaining. What makes the screenplay entertaining was the way that they came up with the film’s humor. It had a witty feel that help keeps you entertained as it adds to zaniness that is going on at the party and making the characters entertaining. It was the best thing about this film as I was enjoying this.

If there was one thing I didn’t like, it was the fact that it had little character development from the film’s main character. It’s tough to do with a film like this since it takes place in one house but I was hoping a little more with the film’s main character and felt like I didn’t get it. Still, that’s a minor complaint as I still enjoyed because it was such a good time.

With its funny humor and good direction from Linda Palmer, this is funny film that you should check this Halloween season. “Halloween Party” is one party that I want to attend.

Review Rating: Three and a Half Stars
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