Monday, March 13, 2017

Charles Band's "Hideous" Set to Terrorize on Blu-Ray

Full Moon Features recently send us over information for their upcoming blu-ray release of Charles Band's 1997 film "Hideious" (aka Deformed Feaks). The film stars Mel Johnson Jr (Total Recall), Michael Citriniti (Demomic Toys 2, Ravenwood Towers), Rhonda Griffin (The Creeps), Tracie May and the amazing, smoking hot Jacqueline Lovell (Head of the Family, Trophy Heads).

No special features were announced at this time.

"Hideous" hits blu-ray on March 21st.

Press Release:

You never know what weirdness you’ll find in the sewers as a hapless treatment worker discovers when he enters the diabolical world of Charles Band’s HIDEOUS! Upon trudging through the subterranean sludge and doing his doody-sifting duty he comes across a pack of strange deformed mutant babies and monsters that he takes to the black-market in hopes of making a quick buck. What happens next is the sort of high-concept B-movie absurdity that only Band and veteran strange cinema writer Neal Marshall Stevens (THIRTEEN GHOSTS, RETRO PUPPET MASTER) could dream up, as evil doctors and mad hustlers vie to get their mitts on the re-animated miniature mutants. Gore, sex and wanton weirdness ensues.

If it’s a tasteless, terrifying and slickly produced trash masterpiece you’re looking for, look no further than HIDEOUS! This one has it all!

Starring Mel Johnson Jr, Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin, Tracie May and the amazing, smoking hot Jacqueline Lovell from Band’s HEAD OF THE FAMILY(also out now on Blu-ray) and boasting a startling electronic music score by the great Richard Band, the utterly insane HIDEOUS! makes its Blu-ray premiere on March 21st, 2017 in a stunning Special Edition, with a crisp HD transfer remastered from the original 35mm camera negative

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