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Nominees for the 43rd Annual Saturn Awards

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films recently send us the official list of nominees 43rd annual Saturn Awards. Nominees are posted at the end of this press release.

The winners will be announced on June 28th in Burbank, CA. 

Press Release:

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films unveiled the nominations for the 43rd Annual Saturn Awards today.  Lucasfilm / Disney’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story beamed boldly, leading the pack with 11 nominations in the Motion Picture category. Disney’s dominance extended with 10 nominations apiece for the Steven Spielberg-directed fantasy The BFG, Marvel’s epic mind-bender Doctor Strange, and 8 nods for Captain America: Civil War. Top Motion Picture nominee getters include 7 nominations for Warner Bros’ Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and 6 nominations each for Paramount’s thought provoking alien contact drama Arrival and Disney’s live-action retelling of The Jungle Book. Fans can watch the announcement on the Saturn Awards’ YouTube channel, featuring stars Clare Kramer (Tales of Halloween), and Greg Grunberg (“Heroes,” Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens) revealing the major Motion Picture nominees,  with the major Television categories announced by Violett Beane (CW’s “The Flash”) and Janina Gavankar (Fox TV’s “Sleepy Hollow”).

Once again, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” proved unstoppable in the Television category, leading the herd with 7 nominations. HBO’s ambitious reboot “Westworld” lassoed 6 nominations, followed by FX’s “American Horror Story: Roanoke” (5 nominations), AMC’s Walking Dead prequel “Fear The Walking Dead” (4 nominations), Starz’s historical fantasy “Outlander” (4 nominations), and 4 nods for CW’s superheroine show “Supergirl.”

Walt Disney Studios garnered the lion’s share with 20 Motion Picture nominations, followed by 18 for Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Studios, 16 for Warner Bros, 15 for Paramount , 11 each for Lucasfilm Ltd / Walt Disney Studios and 20th Century Fox, 7 for Universal Pictures, and 4 each for Lionsgate and The Weinstein Company. On the Television side, AMC dominated with 13 nominations, followed by The CW (12), Netflix (11) and HBO (9).

In the Home Entertainment categories, releases singled out for nominations span the gamut from the silent era to contemporary titles including Dog Eat Dog (RLJ Entertainment), Phantasm Remastered (WellGo USA), the Buster Keaton Shorts Collection (Kino Lorber), Star Trek The Animated Series (Paramount), Time After Time (Warner Archive) and The Lobster (Lionsgate).

Celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, the Academy was founded in 1972 by noted film historian Dr. Donald A. Reed to honor and recognize genre entertainment.  Through the years, the Academy has expanded their reach to recognize excellence in other film genres, as well as encompassing television, home entertainment and live stage.  Robert Holguin presently serves as President.

The 43rd Annual Saturn Awards will take place June 28th in Burbank, California. Visit the Academy website to learn about voting in this year’s Saturn Awards: www.saturnawards.org.

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The 43rd Annual Saturn Awards Nominations


Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice                                    (Warner Bros.)

Captain America: Civil War                                                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Deadpool                                                                                 (20th Century Fox)

Doctor Strange                                                                        (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Suicide Squad                                                                          (Warner Bros.)

X-Men: Apocalypse                                                                 (20th Century Fox)

Best Science Fiction Film Release:

Arrival                                                                                     (Paramount)

Independence Day: Resurgence                                             (20th Century Fox)

Midnight Special                                                                     (Warner Bros.)

Passengers                                                                              (Sony)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story                                                (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Star Trek Beyond                                                                    (Paramount)

Best Fantasy Film Release:

The BFG                                                                                   (Walt Disney Studios)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them                             (Warner Bros.)

Ghostbusters                                                                           (Sony)

The Jungle Book                                                                      (Walt Disney Studios)

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children                                    (20th Century Fox)

A Monster Calls                                                                      (Focus Features)

Pete’s Dragon                                                                         (Walt Disney Studios)

Best Horror Film Release:

The Autopsy of Jane Doe                                                        (IFC Midnight)

The Conjuring 2                                                                      (New Line / Warner Bros.)

Demon                                                                                    (The Orchard)

Don’t Breathe                                                                         (Screen Gems / Sony)

Ouija: Origin of Evil                                                                (Universal)

Train to Busan                                                                         (Well Go USA)

The Witch                                                                                (A24)

Best Action/Adventure Film Release:

Allied                                                                                       (Paramount)

Gold                                                                                         (The Weinstein Company)

Hacksaw Ridge                                                                        (Lionsgate)

Hidden Figures                                                                        (20th Century Fox)

The Legend of Tarzan                                                             (Warner Bros.)

The Magnificent Seven                                                           (Sony)

The Nice Guys                                                                         (Warner Bros.)

Best Thriller Film Release:

10 Cloverfield Lane                                                                 (Paramount)

The Accountant                                                                       (Warner Bros.)

The Girl on the Train                                                              (Universal)

Jason Bourne                                                                           (Universal)

Hell or High Water                                                                 (Lionsgate / CBS Films)

The Shallows                                                                           (Sony)

Split                                                                                         (Universal)

Best Actor in a Film:

Chris Evans                              “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Benedict Cumberbatch           “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Chris Pratt                               “Passengers”                           (Sony)

Ryan Reynolds                         “Deadpool”                             (20th Century Fox)

Mark Rylance                          “The BFG”                               (Walt Disney Studios)

Chris Pine                                “Star Trek Beyond”                 (Paramount)

Matthew McConaughey         “Gold”                                     (The Weinstein Company)

Best Actress in a Film:

Amy Adams                             “Arrival”                                  (Paramount)

Emily Blunt                              “The Girl on the Train”           (Universal)

Taraji P. Henson                      “Hidden Figures”                    (20th Century Fox)

Jennifer Lawrence                  “Passengers”                           (Sony)

Felicity Jones                           Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Narges Rashidi                        “Under the Shadow”               (Vertical Entertainment)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead       “10 Cloverfield Lane”             (Paramount)

Best Supporting Actor in a Film:

Chadwick Boseman                 “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Dan Fogler                              “Fantastic Beasts and

 Where to Find Them”                        (Warner Bros.)

John Goodman                        “10 Cloverfield Lane”             (Paramount)

Diego Luna                              Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”(Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Zachary Quinto                       “Star Trek Beyond”                 (Paramount)

Christopher Walken                “The Jungle Book”                  (Walt Disney Studios)

Best Supporting Actress in a Film:

Scarlett Johansson                  “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Tilda Swinton                          “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Margot Robbie                        “Suicide Squad”                      (Warner Bros.)

Kate McKinnon                        “Ghostbusters”                        (Sony)

Betty Buckley                          “Split”                                      (Universal)

Bryce Dallas Howard             “Gold”                                     (The Weinstein Company)

Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Film:

Ruby Barnhill                          “The BFG”                               (Walt Disney Studios)

Julian Dennison                       “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”  (The Orchard)

Tom Holland                           “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Lewis MacDougall                  “A Monster Calls”                   (Focus Features)

Neel Sethi                                “The Jungle Book”                  (Walt Disney Studios)

Anya Taylor-Joy                       “The Witch”                            (A24)

Best Film Direction:

Scott Derrickson                      “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Gareth Edwards                      Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Jon Favreau                             ‘The Jungle Book”                   (Walt Disney Studios)

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo       “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Bryan Singer                           “X-Men: Apocalypse”              (20th Century Fox)

Steven Spielberg                     “The BFG”                              (Walt Disney Studios)

Denis Villeneuve                     “Arrival”                                  (Paramount)

Best Film Screenplay:

Melissa Mathison                   “The BFG”                               (Walt Disney Studios)

Eric Heisserer                         “Arrival”                                  (Paramount)

Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick     “Deadpool”                             (20th Century Fox)

Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson,

 C. Robert Cargill                    “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Taylor Sheridan                       “Hell or High Water”              (Lionsgate / CBS Films)

Chris Weitz, Tony Gilroy         Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Editing:

Jeffrey Ford,

 Matthew Schmidt                  “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

John Gilroy, Colin Goudie,

  Jabez Olssen                          Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Stefan Grube                           “10 Cloverfield Lane”             (Paramount)

Michael Kahn                          “The BFG”                               (Walt Disney Studios)

Mark Livolsi                            “The Jungle Book”                  (Walt Disney Studios)

Joe Walker                              “Arrival”                                  (Paramount

Best Film Production Design:

Rick Carter, Robert Stromberg “The BFG”                             (Walt Disney Studios)

Doug Chiang, Neil Lamont      Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Stuart Craig                             “Fantastic Beasts and

                                                 Where to Find Them”                        (Warner Bros.)

Guy Hendrix Dyas                   “Passengers”                           (Sony)

Owen Paterson                       “Captain America: Civil War” (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Charles Wood                         “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Music:

Michael Giacchino                  “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Michael Giacchino                  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

James Newton Howard           “Fantastic Beasts and

                                                 Where to Find Them”                        (Warner Bros.)

Justin Hurwitz                          “La La Land”                           (Lionsgate)

Thomas Newman                    “Passengers”                           (Sony)

John Williams                          “The BFG”                               (Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Costume Design:

Colleen Atwood                       “Alice Through the

 Looking Glass”                       (Walt Disney Studios)

Colleen Atwood                       “Fantastic Beasts and

 Where to Find Them”                        (Warner Bros.)

Alexandra Byrne                     “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

David Crossman, Glyn Dillon Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Sang-gyeong Jo                       “The Handmaiden”                 (Amazon Studios / Magnolia)

Joanna Johnston                      “The BFG”                               (Walt Disney Studios)

Best Film Make-Up:

Jeremy Whitewood                 “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Nicky Knowles                         “Fantastic Beasts and

 Where to Find Them”                        (Warner Bros.)

Amy Byrne                              Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Monica Huppert, Joel Harlow “Star Trek Beyond”                 (Paramount)

Allan Apone, Jo-Ann MacNeil,

 Marta Roggero                      “Suicide Squad”                      (Warner Bros.)

Charles Carter, Rita Ciccozzi,

 Rosalina Da Silva                   “X-Men: Apocalypse”              (20th Century Fox)

Best Film Special / Visual Effects:

Louis Morin, Ryal Cosgrove    “Arrival”                                  (Paramount)

Joe Letteri, Joel Whist             “The BFG”

Stephane Ceretti, Richard

 Bluff, Vincent Cirelli,

 Paul Corbould                        “Doctor Strange”                    (Marvel / Walt Disney Studios)

Tim Burke, Christian Manz,

David Watkins                         “Fantastic Beasts and

 Where to Find Them”                        (Warner Bros.)

Robert Legato, Adam Valdez,

Andrew R. Jones, Dan Lemmon “The Jungle Book”                 (Walt Disney Studios)

John Knoll, Mohen Leo,

 Hal Hickel, Neil Corbould      Rogue One: A Star Wars Story            (Lucasfilm / Walt Disney Studios)

Best Independent Film Release:

Eye in the Sky                                                                          (Entertainment One)

Hunt for the Wilderpeople                                                     (The Orchard)

La La Land                                                                               (Lionsgate)

Lion                                                                                         (The Weinstein Company)

The Ones Below                                                                      (Magnolia)

Remember                                                                              (A24)

Best International Film Release:

Elle                                                                                          (Sony Pictures Classics)

The Handmaiden                                                                    (Amazon / Magnolia)

In Order of Disappearance                                                     (Magnolia)

The Mermaid                                                                          (Sony)

Shin Godzilla                                                                           (Funimation)

Under the Shadow                                                                  (Vertical Entertainment)

Best Animated Film Release:

Finding Dory                                                                            (Pixar / Walt Disney Studios)

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV                                                  (Sony)

Moana                                                                                     (Walt Disney Studios)

Sing                                                                                         (Universal)

Trolls                                                                                       (20th Century Fox)

Zootopia                                                                                  (Walt Disney Studios)


Best Science Fiction Television Series:

The 100                                                                       (The CW)

Colony                                                                         (USA)

The Expanse                                                                (SyFy)

Falling Water                                                              (USA)

Incorporated                                                               (SyFy)

Timeless                                                                      (NBC)

Westworld                                                                   (HBO)

Best Fantasy Television Series:

Beyond                                                                        (Freeform)

Game of Thrones                                                        (HBO)

The Good Place                                                           (NBC)

Lucifer                                                                         (Fox)

The Magicians                                                            (SyFy)

Outlander                                                                    (Starz)

Preacher                                                                     (AMC)

Best Horror Television Series:

American Horror Story: Roanoke                               (FX)

Ash vs. Evil Dead                                                         (Starz)

The Exorcist                                                                (Fox)

Fear the Walking Dead                                               (AMC)

Teen Wolf                                                                   (MTV)

The Vampire Diaries                                                   (The CW)

The Walking Dead                                                      (AMC)

Best Action/Thriller Television Series:

Animal Kingdom                                                         (TNT)

Bates Motel                                                                (A&E)

Designated Survivor                                                    (ABC)

The Librarians                                                             (TNT)

Mr. Robot                                                                                           (USA)

Riverdale                                                                     (The CW)

Underground                                                               (WGN America)

Best Superhero Adaptation Television Series:

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.                                   (ABC)

Arrow                                                                          (The CW)

Flash, The                                                                    (The CW)

Gotham                                                                       (Fox)

Legion                                                                         (FX)

Supergirl                                                                     (The CW)

Best Presentation on Television:

11.22.63                                                                      (Hulu)

Channel Zero                                                              (SyFy)

Doctor Who: The Return of Dr. Mysterio                   (BBC America)

Mars                                                                            (National Geographic)

The Night Manager                                                    (AMC)

Rats                                                                             (Discovery Channel)

Best New Media Television Series:

Bosch                                                                           (Amazon)

Marvel’s Daredevil                                                     (Netflix)

Marvel’s Luke Cage                                                    (Netflix)

The Man in the High Castle                                        (Amazon)

A Series of Unfortunate Events                                   (Netflix)

Stranger Things                                                           (Netflix)

Best Actor on a Television Series:

Bruce Campbell                                  Ash vs. Evil Dead                                 (Starz)

Mike Colter                                         Marvel’s Luke Cage                            (Netflix)

Charlie Cox                                         Marvel’s Daredevil                             (Netflix)

Grant Gustin                                        The Flash                                             (The CW)

Sam Heughan                                      Outlander                                            (Starz)

Freddie Highmore                               Bates Motel                                        (A&E)

Andrew Lincoln                                   The Walking Dead                              (AMC)

Best Actress on a Television Series:

Melissa Benoist                                   Supergirl                                             (The CW)

Caitriona Balfe                                                Outlander                                            (Starz)

Kim Dickens                                        Fear the Walking Dead                       (AMC)

Vera Farmiga                                      Bates Motel                                        (A&E)

Lena Headey                                       Game of Thrones                                (HBO)

Sarah Paulson                                     American Horror Story: Roanoke       (FX)

Winona Ryder                                     Stranger Things                                   (Netflix)

Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series:

Linden Ashby                                       Teen Wolf                                           (MTV)

Mehcad Brooks                                   Supergirl                                             (The CW)

Kit Harrington                                     Game of Thrones                                (HBO)

Ed Harris                                             Westworld                                           (HBO)

Lee Majors                                          Ash vs. Evil Dead                                 (Starz)

Norman Reedus                                  The Walking Dead                              (AMC)

Jeffrey Wright                                     Westworld                                           (HBO)

Best Supporting Actress on a Television Series:

Kathy Bates                                         American Horror Story: Roanoke       (FX)

Danai Gurira                                       The Walking Dead                              (AMC)

Melissa McBride                                 The Walking Dead                              (AMC)

Thandie Newton                                  Westworld                                           (HBO)

Candice Patton                                    The Flash                                             (The CW)

Adina Porter                                        American Horror Story: Roanoke       (FX)

Evan Rachel Wood                              Westworld                                           (HBO)

Best Younger Actor on a Television Series:

K.J. Apa                                                Riverdale                                             (The CW)

Millie Bobby Brown                            Stranger Things                                   (Netflix)

Max Charles                                        The Strain                                            (FX)

Alicia Debnam-Carey                          Fear the Walking Dead                       (AMC)

Lorenzo James Henrie                        Fear the Walking Dead                       (AMC)

Chandler Riggs                                                The Walking Dead                              (AMC)

Best Guest Performance on a Television Series:

Ian Bohen                                            Teen Wolf                                           (MTV)

Tyler Hoechlin                                     Supergirl                                             (The CW)

Anthony Hopkins                                 Westworld                                           (HBO)

Leslie Jordan                                       American  Horror Story: Roanoke      (FX)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan                          The Walking Dead                              (AMC)

Dominique Pinon                                Outlander                                            (Starz)

Best Animated Series or Film on Television:

Bojack Horseman                                                        (Netflix)

Family Guy                                                                  (Fox)

The Little Prince                                                          (Netflix)

The Simpsons                                                              (Fox)

Star Wars: Rebels                                                       (Disney XD)

Trollhunters                                                                (Netflix)

Home Entertainment:

Best DVD / BD Release:

Dog Eat Dog                                                                (RLJ Entertainment)

The Girl                                                                       (eOne)

The Lobster                                                                 (Lionsgate)

The Man Who Knew Infinity                                       (Paramount / IFC)

The Wailing                                                                 (Well Go USA)

Tales of Halloween                                                     (Epic Pictures)

Best DVD / BD Special Edition Release:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Ed.,  (Warner)

The Hills Have Eyes Limited Edition                           (Arrow)

The Iron Giant Signature Edition                                (Warner)

Phantasm Remastered                                               (Well Go USA)

Raising Cain                                                                (Shout Factory)

Mad Max: Fury Road Black and Chrome Edition       (Warner)

Best Classic Film Release on DVD / BD:

Destiny                                                                        (Kino Lorber)

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken                                        (Universal)

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane                   (Kino Lorber)

Gog 3D                                                                                    (Kino Lorber)

It Came From Outer Space                                         (Universal)

Donovan’s Brain                                                          (Kino Lorber)

Time After Time                                                         (Warner Archives)

Best Television Release on DVD / BD:

Banshee: The Final Season                                         (HBO)

Hannibal: The Complete Series Collection                 (Lionsgate)

Mr. Robot: Season 2.0                                    (Universal)

Salem’s Lot                                                                  (Warner)

Versailles: Season One                                               (Universal)

Star Trek: The Animated Series                                  (Paramount)

Best Collection on DVD / BD:

Buster Keaton Shorts Collection 1917-23                   (Kino Lorber)

Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection                (Universal)

Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast                                    (Arrow)

Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection                     (Universal)

Pioneers of African American Cinema                       (Kino Lorber)

The Wolf Man: Complete Legacy Collection              (Universal)

Live Stage

Best Local Live Stage Production:

Amadeus                                                                     (L.A. Theatre Works)

Chen Ying Rescues the Orphan                                  (Chinese Yu Opera)

The Fantasticks                                                           (Pasadena Playhouse)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat      (3D Theatricals)

Moby Dick                                                                   (South Coast Repertory)

A View From the Bridge                                             (Ahmanson Theatre)

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