Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Goon: Last of the Enforcers" Review by Anthony T

When “Goon” came out back in 2011, I remember enjoying this film for both its laughter and the fact it’s a hockey films and it’s one of my sports that I like to watch. When I found out there were plans for a sequel, I thought why not since I had a fun time watching the first film. Still in the back of my mind, do we really need to see a sequel to the original?

Doug Glat (Sean William Scott) is a hockey player who was forced to retire after sustaining multiple injuries during his playing career. He is forced to a normal life as he sells insurance and is about ready to have a kid with his wife (Allison Pill). But, he can’t resist going back into the world of hockey and reliving his glory days when a team called the Highlanders come calling. The film also co-stars Jay Baruchel (who also directs), Elisha Cuthbert, Kim Coates, and Liev Schreiber.

Going into “Goon: Last of the Enforcers”, I was hoping for a good film even though this was not needed. But I have to say, this film is as good as the original back in 2011.

Director Jay Baruchel does a very good with the way he handles the action. Whether it’s the way he handles the hockey action to how he makes the dialogue scenes work, everything done is a way that it’s entertaining and gets you interested in the story. This is what makes both this and the original good. The other thing that Baruchel does very well is making sure the acting is good. He takes his time in making sure he’s directing these performances are good enough so they help make the humor and serious tone work on screen. It made it for an entertaining film.

The main performance here was also very good. Sean Williams Scott does a very good job making sure his character is as likeable like he was in the first film. He does a very good job making sure that there is a balance between his humor and the seriousness that he approaches his character. It helped made this character enjoyable to watch.

The screenplay written by Brauchel and Jesse Chabot does a good job with the way they came up with the film’s story. I liked how they make sure that they were focused on the main character and the challenges that he faces during the course of the film. It helped make the film feel different from the first one as they was were more of a serious tone to it with his marriage and the fact that he was force to retire due to an injury. You still had some laughable and fun fight moments but this felt a little more serious than the first film which made an interesting film for me. The other thing that I also liked was the fact that it doesn’t get too over the top. It allowed for the scenes with the main character and life after hockey work so well.

If you liked the first film, you will liked this one as well. “Goon: Last of the Enforcers” is a worthy sequel to the very funny film “Goon”.

Review Rating: Four Stars

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