Sunday, February 11, 2018

"From Hollywood to Rose" Review by Tim Hellman

'FROM HOLLYWOOD TO ROSE': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

An indie comedy from debut filmmakers Liz Graham (a veteran script supervisor) and Matt Jacobs. Jacobs also wrote the screenplay for the movie, which was filmed on just a $165,000 budget. It stars Eve Annenberg, Bradley J. Herman, Maxx Maulion, and a cast of other unknown actors. The film is about a woman in a wedding dress who's on her way home from Hollywood, heading west on a bus, when she has a number of strange diverse conversations with quirky outcasts that she meets along her way. The film is weird, and extremely stretched out, but it also has some amusing and memorable scenes in it, and a few insightful things to say.

A seemingly depressed woman in a wedding dress (Annenberg) boards a bus in Los Angeles and heads west on it. Along the way she meets a variety of different social outcasts, and has several weird conversations with them. While conversing with someone she misses her stop, and her ride becomes even longer and weirder. She takes the time to analyze her life though, and to think about what brought her to where she is at that moment, as well as to learn more about all of these other interesting people that she meets.

The movie is of course really low-budget, and it shows, but the performances are actually pretty decent, and the soundtrack is awesome. It does seem long and stretched out though (and kind of aimless at times as well). That's the way life is though, and I think the film actually has some insightful things to say about it. It's definitely not a great movie, but it isn't a bad one either in my opinion.

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