Friday, April 10, 2020

Site Update / Reboot

You might noticed that I started posting again. It's been a while since I lost sight of the site and focused more on my podcast Anthony T's Horror Show. Well, I'm rebooting

Why I'm I rebboting I wanted to get back to writing. Whether its news or reviews, I missed doing this as I've had numerous problems in between. Whether it was personal ones or me focusing much of my time on my podcast Anthony T's horror Show, I forgot about the site. That's is going to change as this will still be the place for news and reviews but I'm also going to use the site for podcast production purposes so that this doesn't become unattended to. Meaning starting on ep42 of Anthony T's Horror Show, you will be able to find my podcast on this site as well on Dark Discussions my podcast home and the Anthony T's Horror Show's official site.  It will also be the home of my new unnamed pop culture/film podcast which will be starting up in the summer.

I also said that there would be news and reviews here as well. I will try my best to post here at least twice a week so I can keep the site active and continue to provide reviews that you've been seeing on the site over the years.

With that, is re-open for businness.

Anthony T
Site Administrator.

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