Friday, January 3, 2014

Mission Statement

In January of 2008, a small group of independent film reviewers from over the world of MySpace came together and formed one big website contributed to giving film news and film reviews. That site later became, and it’s been an adventure ever since.

From the moment since the thought process, we wanted to be the website for movie fans only. We are all movie fans who are just looking to express our opinions. We would like to guard your memories and watch out for your money. We sacrifice our lives for you. For every ten “Norbits,” there is one “No Country for Old Men.” And since you guys spent all of your hard earned money on those ten “Norbits,” we feel the need to let you all know to spend your hard earned money on that one “No Country for Old Men.”

 Not only does support films from Hollywood, but we are really supportive of the independent cinema also. We let filmmakers send their films to us and urge them the opportunity to gain some free publicity. Though we are incredibly truthful while writing reviews for our films, we remain objective throughout the entire review.

At, you can almost guarantee that we will be talking about the latest Hollywood films. With our staff of twenty-two writers, we plan to bring you only the best of news and best of reviews.

Each writer brings something different to the table, with their own format and style. No one is alike at the Arcade, except that we are all movie fans. Some of us will consider us to be wannabes, but truth is, we’re just like you. We’re average day people. We get up in the morning, make our coffee, step out the door to go to work (and for a few of us, school), come home, eat dinner, and watch movies. Everyone likes movies. We all watch them and we all have an opinion. And if that still doesn’t get through your head, what about the fact that everyone has to start somewhere to get their name out there? What about Harry Knowles,’s prime enemy number one? has partnered up with several other reviewers. The Playground Movie Reviews joined up with to provide reviews for films that are for the horror and independent genres. We also partnered up with a few radio shows.

In the future, we hope to expand our site for bigger and better results. And finally, I can’t thank anyone more than I can thank the readers. The readers are what makes so damn awesome. For this, we’ve allowed people to send comments to us via email. If you would like to send us comments and hate-mail, check out the contact page. Thank you, and I hope you like what you see. the Film-Arcade staff.

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