Friday, January 3, 2014


Site Administrator: Anthony Thurber:

Want to send a screener? Send an email to asking if we would like to send a screener to check out your film. Please give us an estimated five days to reply back, as we offer all screeners to staff members upon sending out an address back to your e-mail address. We ask for all screeners to be region one, and include press kits and contact info. FilmArcade does not return screeners, and we are all honest when we write our reviews, so take that into consideration before emailing. If you want to submit your film for contests, send an email to the same address. Usually, we would ask for a copy of the film for review.

For press-releases and advertising inquiries, please send them to

Film Arcade is always looking for new writers. We can't pay you anything, but we do receive screeners all the time for you to review and you get to keep them. It's a good way to get in the door for any aspiring writers. If your interested, then send an email with a sample review to Want to comment on the site? Want to send us hate-mail? Or how about some suggestions?

Send your comments/hate-mail/suggestions send them over to our Facebook page. We post all comments and hate-mail on our comments and hate-mail page, but suggestions will not be posted unless if they are more on the comment/hate-mail side.

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