Friday, April 11, 2014

"In Fear" Review - Written by Anthony T

“In Fear” is a film that I first heard about when it played at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. At the time, I wasn't interested in the film. What changed my mine was the fact that each of the cast of that film went on to bigger things before the film was officially released here. That made me suddenly want to see.

The film is about a young couple (Ian de Caestecker, Alice Englert) who are out on a date. They lose their way in the countryside as they’re on their way to a music festival. The couple find themselves trapped in a cornfield maze. The only protection that they have is their car. Driving and trying a way out, the couple they may have done something to be trapped in this nightmare.
Director Jeremy Lovering does a very good job with the direction. This film was one of those films that had an eerie sense from start to finish. It made the film entertaining, as it kept me on the edge of my seat. He’s able to achieve that in his directing by getting good locations to shoot at. The locations that Lovering uses add to the creepiness of the film. It made all the action feel very tense and allowed the film’s scares to work so well.

One of the interesting thing here about this film is that there was no screenwriter listed. The story created by Lovering. The story was an interesting one. One of the things that I liked was the tone of it. The tone had a very dark and eerie feeling to it. It helps make some of the film’s tense scene feel scary. The other thing that I liked about the story was the fact that it was well thought out. Whether it’s the jump scares or the intense feel to it, this manage to keep my interest. Lovering does a very good job making the action that go on fits the tone of the film. If it didn't fit the tone, then it could have went downhill in a hurry. Thankfully, it didn't as I enjoyed this story.

The other thing that stand out in this film are the performances. All the three of the performances were very good. Both Ian De Caestecker and Alice Edger were very good as the couple trapped in the middle of nowhere. Both of them did a very good job making sure that they had chemistry with each other in their performances, as this is one of those films where if those performances didn't work then the film wouldn't been as interesting. Allen Leech of “Downtown Abby” fame was very good as the antagonist. He does a very good job making his character very creepy and added to the intense action. It’s a credit to Lovering that the performances work and help make this film very intense from start to finish.

I strongly recommend checking this film out, as its one of the scariest film I’ve seen so far. “In Fear” is a terrifying film that doesn't led up from start to finish.

Review Rating: Five Stars

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