Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Indie Sci-Fi/Comedy "Lazer Team" Starts Production

Rooster Teeth Productions recently send us over information that their upcoming film "Lazer Team" recently started production. The film is set to star Alan Ritchson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Colton Dunn (Parks and Recreation), Gavin Free (The Slow Mo Guys) , Michael Jones (RWBY, Rage Quit), and Burnie Burns (Red vs. Blue, Immersion). "Lazer Tag" is slated to hit theaters Spring 2015.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at: http://LazerTeamTheMovie.com.

Press Release:

Rooster Teeth Productions, the online entertainment giant behind the longest running web series in history, Red vs. Blue, and the anime-inspired RWBY, today announced the production start of Lazer Team, the company's first live-action, feature-length film, with an anticipated Spring 2015 theatrical release. In July, the film's Indiegogocampaign raised $2,480,421 in funding from 37,497 funders, becoming the most funded film campaign in the site's history.

"We're incredibly excited to begin principal photography on Lazer Team with such an outstanding cast and crew," said Matt Hullum, Rooster Teeth CEO/Co-Founder and Director of Lazer Team. "We wouldn't be able to make such a big, crazy sci-fi action comedy like this without the support of every one of our Indiegogo backers. We're going to do our best to make sure every single dollar ends up on screen."

Lazer Team begins decades ago when the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence project received a onetime signal from outer space, which was never decoded. Or so we were told. Unbeknownst to the general public, the secretly translated signal said two things: One, we are not alone, and two, the galaxy is a dangerous place. Working in total secrecy, the US government has been training a single Champion of Earth - a warrior of incredible skill to don a suit of unimaginable power designed by new alien allies in preparation for Earth's battle for survival against an evil race of aliens. Unfortunately, the suit never made it all the way to its intended destination. Instead of a lone savior, four hapless idiots find the suit and are thrust into the role of heroes as the titular Lazer Team.

Lazer Team is a sci-fi comedy directed by Rooster Teeth co-founder and CEO Matt Hullum (Red vs. Blue, Barenaked Ladies music videos "Odd's Are", "Did I Say That Out Loud?") from a story by Rooster Teeth co-founder and Creative Director Burnie Burns, and script by Hullum, Burns, Josh Flanagan, and Chris Demarais. It features a principal cast including: Alan Ritchson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) as Adam, also known as the Champion of Earth. The four bumbling members of Lazer Team will be portrayed by Colton Dunn (Parks and Recreation) as Herman, Gavin Free (The Slow Mo Guys) as Woody, Michael Jones (RWBY, Rage Quit) as Zach, and Burnie Burns (Red vs. Blue, Immersion) as Hagan. Alexandria Deberry (A.N.T. Farm) plays Hagan's daughter Mindy.

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