Monday, December 8, 2014

Alex deRenzy's "Pretty Peaches" Spices Things Up on DVD

Vinegar Syndrome recently released DVD information for their upcoming release of the classic erotic comedy "Pretty Peaches". The film directed by Alex deRenzy features a restored version of the film in 2k from 35mm archival elements. "Pretty Peaches" stars Desiree Cousteau, Juliet Anderson, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, and Paul Thomas.

Special features on the DVD include Rare Archival Interview with Alex deRenzy, Interview with Film Historian Ted Mcilvenna and Original Theatrical Trailers for Three deRenzy Films.

"Pretty Peaches" hit stores and online retailers on 1/13/2015.

Plot Synopsis:

After attending her father's wedding, innocent Peaches crashes her jeep in the forest only to wake up with complete amnesia. She is quickly rescued by two manipulative men who hope to sell her back to her family for a hefty ransom. Their adventures introduce Peaches to a crazy doctor with very unusual treatment methods, a sleazy sex show promoter and more, but nothing helps. Poor Peaches doesn't know what to do...until she remembers Daddy!

Alex deRenzy's acclaimed classic, Pretty Peaches, ranks as one of the craziest, sexiest, and funniest X rated comedies ever made. Starring Desiree Cousteau and Juliet Anderson in their screen debuts, and co-starring Joey Silvera, John Leslie, and Paul Thomas, Pretty Peaches makes its official DVD debut uncut and fully restored in 2k.

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