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Anthony T's #TBT: Frankie in Blunderland

Before I start this week’s Anthony T’s #TBT, I just want to let you know that there won’t be one next week. I’m planning having another edition of The Blu-Ray Treatment in its place. #TBT will be back on 2/4.

With “Frankie in Blunderland” being released this upcoming Tuesday from Wild Eye Releasing, I’ve decided to go back and revisit my review of the film that I did back almost three year ago for the site. Without further ado, here’s my review of “Frankie in Blunderland”.

Repost from 1/28/2012 with minor changes

“Frankie in Blunderland” is the latest film from Caleb Emerson, who directed the cult film “Die You Zombie Bastards” back in 2005.

The film follows Frank, a person who has to deal with a wife that hates him and a best friend that overstays his welcome by crashing on his couch. Things take a harder turn for him, when he almost accidentally kills his wife and best friend to wake up and find that his wife has left him. This leads him down a crazy road with botched abductions, a prophetic homeless person, a hot sexy robot, a gang of thugs that is the least threatening gang of thugs that you’ll ever see and a Mormon alien looking to populate the world. Frank has to deal with all of them, as he tries to find his wife and hopefully live happily after.

It never hard for me, when I can tell that I’m really enjoying a film. It was a fun film that made me put my notepad down and watch the film without all the note taking that goes all along with reviewing. “Frankie in Blunderland” was surprisingly a very entertaining film, considering that this was one of those films that can go either way in enjoyment.

The direction was one of things that I liked about it. Director Caleb Emerson does a very good job getting your attention. He gets that through the film’s visuals. He makes most the film’s weirdest scenes bizarre to the point that it doesn’t take eyes off from what you’re watching. Whether every time you see the Mormon alien on screen or you go into one of the film’s bizarre sequences, Emerson makes sure that you can’t take your eyes off any particular scene. He also does a very good job making the images so fantasy like. By doing that, it allows you to be submersed into this journey that the main character goes through. That’s what makes some of these bizarre cult films work. The other thing that I thought was done very well, the way that Emerson directs the acting aspects. I liked, the way that he handles the performances. They keep you interested in the material and story of the film. Emerson makes sure that the actors made their characters eccentric and odd, especially when the film deals with weird material.

The screenplay was written by Marta Estirado, who sadly passed away before post production on this film ended. The screenplay was very different and kept the action moving. She does a very good job making some of the situations that the characters go though. It’s very odd and different to what you’re accustom to seeing. Estirado makes it that way, so the story has its eccentric tone to grab your attention. It makes the film have its unique identity, which is needed with a story like this. The other thing that I liked about the screenplay, the way that she is able to make the main character likable in a loveable loser way. There are a lot of crazy things that go here, but Estirado doesn’t let it too crazy at the expense of the film’s story or its main character. She does a very good job focusing on the film’s main character and his quest to find his wife. The reason that works is you don’t get confused with where the story is going or you’re taken in a different direction that you lose interested in the film. That’s what makes the story and the film as a whole work.

I truly enjoyed this film a lot, as this film has some very crazy visuals and a story that stays the course. “Frankie in Blunderland is one strange joyride that will entertain you with its odd characters and keep you interested in Frankie‘s quest.

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Review Rating: Four Stars

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