Monday, January 12, 2015

"Bruno Mattei's "Island of the Living Dead and "Zombies: The Beginning" Invades DVD

Intervision Picture Corp recently send us DVD information for the upcoming releases of "Island of the Living Dead" and "Zombies: The Beginning". The two films are directed by Italian Horror Director Bruno Matteo, who has directed such films as "Hell of the Living Dead" and "Mondo Cannibal".

Special features on Island of the Living Dead include "Bungle in the Jungle" featurette with interviews from Producer Giovanni Paolucci and screenwriter Antonio Tentori. "Zombie: The Beginning" includes "Zombies Genysis" featurette with interview from screenwriter Antonio Tentori.

Island of the Living Dead" and "Zombie: The Beginning" hits DVD separately on 2/10.

"Island of the Dead"- Plot Synopsis:

Italian horror maestro Bruno Mattei -- director of such infamous gut-munchers as MONDO CANNIBAL, HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD and IN THE LAND OF THE CANNIBALS -- made his triumphant return to the zombie genre with his penultimate gorefest: When a boneheaded group of treasure hunters are shipwrecked near a deserted island, they'll instead discover an undead nightmare of flesh chomping, skull blasting, absurd plotting, perplexing flamenco, and old-school levels of graphic zombie carnage. Yvette Yzon (ZOMBIES: THE BEGINNING), Gaetano Russo (CAGED WOMEN) and Jim Gaines (THE ONE-ARMED EXECUTIONER) star in this beloved Mattei jaw-dropper from the screenwriter of Fulci's A CAT IN THE BRAIN, now presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America! Special Feature: Bungle in the Jungle "Zomibes: The Beginning - Plot Synopsis:

For his final film, the late sleaze maestro Bruno Mattei -- notorious director of MONDO CANNIBAL, RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR and HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD -- delivers his ultimate over-the-top masterpiece: In this insane rip-off of ALIENS, Mattei (aka "Vincent Dawn") packs the screen with shredding flesh, munching guts, exploding heads, undead births, borrowed footage, stolen plots, zombie midgets and more. Yvette Yzon (ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD), Alvin Anson (THE GREAT RAID) and Diana Croyston (THE JAIL: THE WOMEN'S HELL) star in this mind-blowing mash-up from the producer of IN THE LAND OF THE CANNIBALS, now presented uncut and uncensored for the first time ever in America! Special Feature: Zombies Genysis

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