Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"The Anomaly" Review by Abraham Phillips

The Anomaly is a British science fiction film directed by Noel Clarke. There are moments that make this film unique at times, but very little to make it over all appealing. There are moments that linger with you after watching it. It’s not a great film, and it’s not a bad film. It’s one of those movies where your stuck in the middle. It’s something worth watching if you have nothing better to do, yet nothing really to praise or spend time expressing. I thought the acting was relatively good, the plot was interesting, the execution of film as a whole works somewhat, but it did have its many flaws. The huge plus to this film is it has a wonderful actor in it, Brian Cox. Cox is a master, talented performer that is able to own, and create his many characters on screen in a believable fashion. It has a wonderful cast of actors, Noel Clarke not only directs it, but stars in it also as the character Ryan. Joining Clarke is Ian Somerhalder from the LOST TV fame. Also starring Ian Hemsworth who is the older brother to actors Chris “THOR” Hemsworth and Liam “Hunger Games” Hemsworth. The plot is set in the future. There is a battle going on for the control of the mind, and also biotechnology. Your main character Ryan wakes up in a van, alongside him is a young boy named Alex who is being held prisoner. There, Ryan goes about freeing the boy, and so beings his ordeal of trying to figure out what is going on, for his plight is grave, every nine minutes his mind is hacked, and his body is taken over by another person. This reality has him fighting against something known as The Anomaly which is ran by the character known as Harkin (Ian Somerhalder). The plot had its moments, and the movie wanted to be amazing and unique but failed in many moments. The blu-ray transfer is crisp, vibrant in color. English Dolby TrueHD 5.1. Video is 1080P with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 MPEG-4 AVC. The audio is dynamic. In that regard the blu-ray is perfection. The audio and video is what makes this product stand out. The blu-ray comes with no special features. The film as I have stated wanted to be so much and hinted, and gave sparks of that reality, but also faltered in that reality. Starring a wonderful cast of performers. It had sparks of originality. There was a darker tone of imagination that brought a glimmer of hope to the viewer. Written by Simon Lewis, which this was his first major feature film. He had worked on a short, and TV before this. I think the story is relatively impressive, and had many sparks of imagination to it. Simon recently wrote another film 2015’s Tiger House which was another somewhat impressive home invasion horror film. I recently watched and reviewed this one also. I think Simon has a unique style that stands out. The film comes together worthy of a rent.

Reviewed by Abraham Phillips

My Rating: 2 out of 5

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