Friday, December 9, 2016

Time Traveling Sci-Fi Dark Comedy "Counter Clockwise" Hits DVD

Artsploitation Films recently send us information for the upcoming DVD release of the sci-fi dark comedy "Counter Clockwise". The film has won Best Science Fiction Film at Eugene International Film Festival, The Philip K. Dick Film Festival and Action on Film International Film Festival.

No special featueres were announced at this time.

"Counter Clockwise" hits retail on December 13th.

Press Release:

Part mind-bending science fiction and part dark comedy, COUNTER CLOCKWISE delivers a thriller about a befuddled scientist who stumbles into inventing a time machine and recklessly zaps himself six months into the future. But in that future, he is a wanted man and accused murderer. He tries to return to the point right before everything went wrong. An inventive, head-scratching, fast-paced American Indie time-travelling gem from first-time director George Moise.

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