Saturday, January 7, 2017

"Never Open the Door" Review by Anthony T

When I first heard about “Never Open the Door”, I was interested because it looked interesting and the fact that it was shot in black and white instead of color. It also helped that poster for the blu-ray looked creepy.

The film is about three couples who are getting together with each other and having Thanksgiving dinner in a remote cabin. Their peaceful fun is interrupted when a wounded stranger shows up. After he ends up dead, strange and terrifying events start happening to them. It pits each of them against one another as they look for a way out. Can they find a way out of this madness before it’s too late? The film stars Jessica Sonneborn, Mike Wood, Deborah Venegas and Matthew Aidan.

Wow, this felt like an episode of The Twilight Zone with the blood and gore. I liked this a lot as this felt different from what I’ve seen lately. First, this film was short which is in this case was a good thing because it takes place in one place. Also, this was intense and creepy film from start to finish.

This film succeeds because of its direction from Vito Trabucco. One of the things that I liked about this was the fact that he goes for the black and white approach instead or color in the way the film looks. It gives the film both a retro feel and allowed the creepiness to be fleshed out even more. It gives the film a certain uniqueness that makes this feel different from other films that take place in one setting. The other thing that Trabucco does very well is to make sure that performances work. Whether it’s the way he directs his cast to how well they gelled well together, it kept me interested as I was trying to figure what is happening to them. It made it a very interesting and different film from other horror releases.

The other thing that makes it good was its screenplay. The screenplay written by Trabucco and Christopher Maltauro allows the atmosphere to bring in the level of dread to make the story scary. Whether it’s the way they approach the story to the film’s intense scenes, it had a level of intensity that kept me interested in the action and story. The other thing that they do so well here is to really make sure the story is creepy. Whether it’s the situation that the characters are in to the film’s ending, everything kept me on edge. When you have a screenplay that grabs you like this film did, then you’re doing something right in making everything feel shocking and creepy.

This is a film that you should go out of your way and check out, if you’re a fan of “The Twilight Zone”, as this film has that kind of vibe. Whether it was Vito Trabucco’s directing or the film’s creepy tone, this film make you think twice about opening the door.

Review Rating: Five Stars

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